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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

This language is for describing web documents/pages.

Any markup language is a set of markup tags. For HTML documents, they are known as HTML tags. These tags are keyword that describes the document content.

<tag> content </tag>

Most of the tags are in pair. First tag is called start tag and second is called end tag. Difference is that end tag name is followed by /.





Html document is divided into two sections – Head and Body.

Html is the root element for any html document.

Other important tags are:

<a>  –  insert a hyperlink

<div>  –  defines a section

<h1> to <h6>  –  predefined HTML heading

<img>  –  to insert an image

<table>  –  insert a table

<tr>  –  insert a raw in the table

<td>  –  insert a cell in a table

<th>  –  header cell in table

Source: W3Schools